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Before you start making money you want to make sure you have a self-evaluation sheet.

If it happens that you don't see money coming in, you can refer to this self-evaluation sheet to see where the issue is.

The self-evaluation sheet below is basically your financial compass to make corrections and adjustments to your ability to make money.

Before you start making money you want to make sure you have a self-evaluation sheet.

If you don't have a self-evaluation sheet you will start believing in superstitions, false assumptions, and become discouraged.

When it comes to money-making you want to work with exact data and the mindset of an honest appraisal--each time.

Numbers love precision and money and numbers are best friends.

SO, Before you start making money you want to make sure you have a self-evaluation sheet.

We have written the SELF-EVALUATION statement in a form of affirmations to help you confront any character within you that stands against your financial success.

Each affirmation will tell you through your feelings what you are doing right and what you are not doing right so you can make corrections and adjustments.

The affirmations are based on everything you have already learned and responded to from STEP ONE to STEP SEVEN in the wisdom tank.


STEP#1: The Warning About The Millionaires Mindset

I know that I will always be right in my own assumptions whether they are true or not. So, I always make the decision to assume that I can create money in the most amazing way.

STEP#2: How To Become A Millionaire

I know and believe that I have to first become a millionaire inside my mind and my brain and my body before the millionaire in me could make a lot of money. It's not the other way around.

STEP#3: Everything can be learned through repetition

I am willing to repeat the information that creates the millionaire inside my mind, my brain, and my DNA until the millionaire in me becomes the way I think on autopilot.

STEP#4: You Can Do Anything Through The Doer Implanted In You

I am certain that the millionaire is built inside me as a belief-system and it will guide me to make subconscious choices and decisions through my thoughts, my feelings, and my intuition leading me to make a lot of money.

STEP#5: Ask The Correct Personality & You Will Receive

I know that once the millionaire (software) is wired inside my body (hardware), I can ask it to navigate me into ideas that will lead to making a lot of money, and It will respond through my subconscious mind using my thoughts, my feelings, and my intuition.

STEP#6: Who Really Makes The Money

I am aware and convinced that I must build and activate inside my brain, mind, and DNA a salesperson who is designed to turn my products and services into money via the unique way it communicate to potential clients.

STEP#7: The WHAT Does Not Matter

The salesperson in my mind, brain, and DNA can work with any entrepreneur I designed within me to generate multiple streams of income as each entrepreneur inside me is a stream of income. By having multiple entrepreneurs inside me, I have multiple streams of income available for the salesperson in me to assist in making money.


To complete this session, leave a comment below to explain in your own words (YOUR OWN WORDS) the purpose of having an evaluation sheet.

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