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Updated: Jan 1, 2023


The self-assessment sheet tells you the self-sabotaging attitudes that will defeat your ability to create wealth.

There are two major ones you want to pay attention to. The moment you noticed them, it means you have not yet fully built inside you the millionaires and the salesperson working together.

We will now reveal the 2 major TOXIC attitudes.

Then, right after you will see the affirmative statements you must continue to measure your resistance against on the journey to successfully create your own economy to become financially independent: This will be your self-assessment.

SO, each time you are feeling like you are not moving forward and making progress, use this self-assessment sheet to help you make corrections and adjustments.

Your self-assessment sheet is created using the FIVE LEVELS you have already completed in this wisdom tank.



When you have any material to study or anything to read, you first scroll down or flip the pages to see how long it is, and if it's too long your mind moves into a state of laziness, looks for a quick way to read it, it glances through it without assimilating it, and does not read it with complete disinterest.

CONSEQUENCE: This condition of the mind will keep you broke and always complaining about money by conditioning you to always seeking for ways to disconnect you from studying properly the ways to make money with full awareness and seriousness. This mind will say things like, "I only read what seems interesting."


Before you even try to learn a way to make money, your mind will hit you with a question: "How Is This Going To Help Me Make Money, Pay My Bills, and Put Foods On The Table?"

CONSEQUENCE: This condition of the mind will create doubt in your spirit about learning to make money. And this doubt will lead you to resenting any form to training or ways to learn to make money and call them a waste of time.

PS: These two toxic attitudes are actually coming from your DNA programming from your upbringing


NEXT LEVEL#1: The True Meaning Of Success

Anytime I am able to turn what is in my mind into something visible, I have achieved and level of success, and I pause to celebrate myself and what I did. Have you been doing this?

NEXT LEVEL#2: What Can Stop Success

I know that the only thing that can stop success is not having the salesperson in me to communicate the products and services my entrepreneurial selves have created in a way that will cause my potential clients to buy.

NEXT LEVEL#3: See The Pattern

My entrepreneurial selves can turn ideas into products and services but only the salesperson in me can turn those ideas and services into money.

NEXT LEVEL#4: Your Success Is Real

If I used my salesperson to sell anything, even if the product or the service is not created by my own entrepreneurial selves, I still make my success real. It is real, so I pause to celebrate it.

NEXT LEVEL#5: The Observation Question

Before my salesperson turns my products and services into money, he or she creates a clear script that highlights what people really needs, and how having what they need will better their lives. The script reveals how much I care about helping people solve their problems and improve their lives using my services or products. To make a sale is an act of love toward people.


To complete this session, leave a comment below to explain in your own words (YOUR OWN WORDS) the purpose of having a self-assessment sheet.

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Gem Seddoh
Gem Seddoh

The purpose of the self-assessment sheet is to allow me to generate money and become financially independent and in order to do so, I must keep track and overcome mental obstacles such as negative thoughts and attitudes by using the affirmative statements.


The purpose of having a self assessment sheet is to have accountability towards the attitudes of the heart and it’s outward expression that causes self sabotage towards attaining the goal of the millionaire mindset. Having something to go back to such as this helps me improve as well as look for areas I can awaken more growth.


Mackenly Paul
Mackenly Paul

The GREAT IAM within me has created a personality call SELF-assessment man.

I give him power to make corrections and adjustments with wisdom without judgment.

My Self- assessment MAN is fully aware that any toxic attitude is from my DNA bloodline that causes blockages for my salesman to turn my products into financial wealth.

The SALESMAN AND MY SELF- assessment man in me are in perfect agreement at all times. Let’s us make money boys. Yes!!!


Self-assessment sheet is comprised of affirmative statements from the 5 levels. We can use it to reveal and counteract toxic attitudes that sabotage our success.


Emmanuela Paul
Emmanuela Paul

The self-assessment is a gauge to see where I am in my thought process. It is also shows me how far I have come and how much further I need to go to continue to mold my salesperson-self and entrepreneur-selves into one being.

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