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Before you start making money, remember this: During the process of working on converting your ideas into products and services and translate both into income, you will encounter moments of low fuel or no fuel.

Always remember that this is a natural process of the law of life. Having the right attitude in these seasons of low fuel or low motivation is extremely important.

When those moments of low fuel happen, remember that what you need to manifest in that moment is not money. BUT flow. Yes, flow can be manifested (Learn How Here)

What it means to manifest flow is to rest into the moment of low fuel by revisiting your WHYs: The Noble Reasons behind what you are doing.

Your WHY is your SELF-FUELING tool. Every entrepreneur must have it or quit. This SELF-FUELING consists of having:

  • ONE Mental WHY

  • TWO Emotional WHY

  • ONE Physical & Material WHY

  • ONE Legacy WHY

These WHYs make up your bigger picture--your dream. They charge you up with the energies of faith and courage.

It is even important to read them to yourself in front of a mirror before you start working on your ideas or sales endeavors each time.

OR you can read them to yourself first thing in the morning. We recommend you have the short versions of these WHYS as well as the long versions.

The short versions you can memorize them and recite them in your mind daily until they are registered in your subconscious mind.

You can even make vision board with these WHYs.

SO, in moments of low fuel, they will come to your rescue and equip you with the essential ability to rest into the moment with grace to gather your strength before you continue the journey.



Why are you doing what you are doing?

I am doing what I am doing because it keeps my mind focused, organized, and concentrated. It allows me not to waste my mental energy on distractions and things that will not allow me to move forward in life. What I am doing has a mental health benefit.


Why are you doing what you are doing?

I am doing what I am doing first of all it makes me feel meaningful, it gives me an emotional intelligence to deal with life's challenges. It keeps me connected to myself and my creative identity. Second of all, it is giving me the possibility to provide for my loved ones and those who are in great needs of help in this world. It gives me the time freedom to spend quality moments with my spouse and my children.


Why are you doing what you are doing?

I am doing what I am doing because it gives me financial freedom. Financial freedom means I have peace of mind. I don't have to walk in this world with financial anxiety and insecurity hanging over my head; and make myself sick. And I don't have to spend 60 years working for someone else and die without seeing other parts of the world. I can buy quality instead of suppressing the true desire of my soul with what is cheap and poor in quality. It gives me the privilege to be who I am and have what I truly desire.


Why are you doing what you are doing?

I am doing what I am doing because I want to leave something behind for the next generation. It could be an art gallery to inspire young girls to dream. It could be a spiritual center. It could be a holistic hospital that offers free treatments. It could be a massage and wellness center. It could be an amusement park. Whatever it is, something has to stay behind. It could be a restaurant. It could be a music studio. Anything. Something has to stay behind for others.


To complete this session, use the comment box below to create your own 4 short WHYs.

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