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Create A Pipe For The Money To Flow Through You & To You

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

The law of attraction flows with intention. An intention is a system of focus that facilitates manifestation.

Money is attracted by products and services that are easily accessible and easy to understand by the public in terms of usage.

Once you are clear about what it is that you are selling and you can communicate its benefits to people in a very simple to understand language, you can design an easy system to attract money.


The system is the pipe and it should give people an experience. Please, read this again: The system is the pipe and it should give people an experience.


People buy what they try.

They trying is the experience.

Your system or pipe should always start with giving people a great and an unforgettable experience of who you are, your products, and your service. And you do this through: FREE EVENTS

This is a must.

People want to experience you and connect to you. WHY?

Because to change a buying habit is not an easy thing for a lot of people.

Buying is a habit.

But through an emotional connection with you, they will make the shift and start buying from you because habits are changed by emotions.

YES, you can make money without FREE EVENTS, but if wealth is what you want, this is a must.

Wealth is the result of impact and impact begins with an emotional connection.

There are two types of FREE EVENTS:

  1. Virtual (&)

  2. Physical

Aim for physical events the most.


You are having the event for only one reason, to give people an experience of yourself and what you are selling.

Don't tease them. Don't bribe them. You are dealing with the universe. Always remember that.

Give them the emotional full experience of who you are and what you are selling. This is what they want. Connection happens with hearts.

Here is how you do it below.



  1. The Experience Version

  2. The Transformational Version


The experience version of your product or service tells them they know what they are buying and who they are buying it from.

The experience version is the one you use for a free event. It's more like a demo event. And always include something fun in the marketing Ad.

People love fun.

Include foods as well as the idea of people meeting likeminded people and making new friends.

YES, you will for sure tell them what they will learn and how it will benefit and serve them and their loved ones, but don't forget to include the idea of fun, mingling, connecting and so forth .

People buy what they try. So give them an authentic, potent, and honest experience of who you are and what you sell.


The more opportunity you create, the more money you make.


The more free events you have the more buyers you have, and the more buyers you have the more followers you have and the larger your net-work, net-worth, and your weekly and monthly income.


Buy having many free events you are creating more opportunities for friends to tell friends and co-workers to tell co-workers and families to tell families about you and what you sell.


The transformational version of your products or your service requires more of your time and your energy and your focus.

This is the one you sell and it should not be too far away from the free experience you gave them.

Anyone who had an experience with you, you can call a potential client. When they buy they become clients.

When they keep buying they are customers.

You want customers.

And most of them will keep on coming to the FREE EVENTS with more people to meet you and connect with you.

Your aura will start expanding.

You will truly start feeling meaningful and truly great about who you have become in this world.


The more opportunity you create, the more money you make.


Right after your FREE EVENTS, share with people your full service.

Keep it the same name and the same title but with much more deeper layers that you cannot spend a one day event covering.


Let's say you product or service is:

The 12-Layer Meditation To Release The Energy Of Resentment.

The Free Event will be about the first two layers

Then in the end you present a package to them with many opportunities. What does that mean?

It means you give a chance to everyone to experience the full 12-Layers. The more opportunity you create the more money you make.

If you need help with this, leave a message in the comment box and let your team leader know to contact us and we will help you with how to create these packages.

But in the meantime here is an example below


A One time payment of $3000 with a 15% Discount


Two recurring payments Of $1,500 with 5% Discount


A Weekly Recurring payment of $300 for 10 weeks

PS: Having multiple packages does not mean you can't make a sale having only one package. You can definitely make money with one package. But, that means you truly know the crowd and who you have in front of you.

AGAIN: If you need help with creating a package, leave a message in the comment box and let your team leader know to contact us and we will help you with how to create these packages.


Feel free to nourish us all with your wisdom by sharing how this wisdom has impacted you.

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