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Between you and your financial success as an entrepreneur stands the word "MARKETING". But sometimes we don't know who to turn to; and before you get a good hit at your specific clients or audience who would love you, your product, and your service, you get to spend a lot of money.


Many entrepreneurs spend a lot of money on marketing and ads; and most of the time have no result or just a few drops of rain while they are struggling in the heat of financial stress. The worst part is as entrepreneurs, we are not in charge of how Ad Platforms change their algorithm structures.


What you read in "READ SECOND" is the main reason most entrepreneurs quit, give up, become discouraged, and very bitter toward themselves, their journey, and the money they've spent working on their craft. The truth is, they have not failed. They have just not yet found an affordable and less costly way to make their work known to their specific audience.


However, if you have been applying the mindset of what it means to become a millionaire or a billionaire, and you have learned to think like a marketing person, you will find a lot of mental and emotional power to focus your attention on your values and increase your faith in your searches until you find what you are looking for. And we've found something we believe will help many of you achieve your goal.


Before you continue, make sure you have these four things in place:

#1 You must have a product to sell or a service to provide. You must be willing to get paid. Know exactly what you are selling and why.

#2 You must know the exact people who need your product or service, understand why they need your product or your service.

#3 You must have a way to have people pay online. It could be an invoice, or a payment gate on your site, or however you set up your business to receive payment.

#4 You must be willing to provide values, free content, or values to first gain exposure and turn those exposure into paying clients.


#1 Pick a subject in your niche. It could be emotional healing, gut lining, art therapy, law of attraction, children's mindfulness, grieving after your loss, etc.

#2 Search on google this way: "Write for us____ (fill the blank with the topic of your niche). Example: Write for us Emotional Healing

#3 Google will populate a sizable number of websites that are looking for someone to provide value to their audience on that topic.

#4 Read the guidelines of these websites and pick at least 4 major websites that positively resonate with you.

#5 Submit your first article and make a schedule to provide contents to these websites as often as you can.

PS 1: After searching your topics in your niche, you see no results on google, change the search to: Guest Post _____ (your niche topic)

PS 2: Don't sound Selly or like someone who is there to use people's platform to get clients. Provide real value to people. Integrity is key.

PS 3: Organize yourself to be consistent and very creative in the way you share your values: People need something new and fresh.


A) You are speaking directly to your audience

B) You are gaining a free exposure

C) You are writing on something you love

D) You are getting real responses from real people


Some of these websites offer an inside advertisement opportunity which allows you to share directly to their networks and large email list. Make sure you check their pricing page or inquire about this.

You can ask: Do you have a monthly advertisement package that will allow me to share specific content with your network in a more effective way? (BUT make sure they first approve your content and you have started to provide enough values to their platform and gaining enough exposure or read. )

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