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How To Make Money Selling eBooks/Books

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

#1: Never look for supporters. When you write a book, it's a piece of your soul you put out there to touch lives and uplift lives.

The book is sacred because it contains a powerful energy, your energy.

Once you gave birth to the book, tell your energy and the universe specifically what you want the book to do for people and what you want in return and for what reason.

If you want supporters, then you will attract people who will buy the book to "support" you but they will most likely not read it.

They will leave it on their tables at home or in their kitchen to collect dust. But these are the people you asked for. The energy of your soul which is the book is getting stained.

Often times, the supporters are the people you already know and who are familiar with you. So, keep in mind that among them you may get only a few who really want to believe you have something to say more than what they know about you.

Now, the energy of the book is stained and you will start feeling disappointed and no longer connected to the book with a good energy. Don't let this happen to you.

So, never look for supporters. Look for people who will truly care for your book, who want to read it, and who want to see value in it. You wrote the book to make an impact right?

So, honor the sacred energy of the book. It's a piece of your soul that you put out there.

So tell your energy and the universe that you wrote the book to For Example: Help people find hope in life. And in return you want to feel empowered and financially rewarded so that you could continue to have time to write and take care of your needs.

If you do this, you will attract exactly those souls and your daily actions to move the book into the world will be filled with power, enthusiasm, excitement, and passion. Money will become the evidence.

#2 Make sure your book has a soul. Did the book come from your own heart? Did you feel the book into existence?

Or did you hire someone else to write the book for you? Even if someone else did, is it your heart energy that became the book?

Listen, people buy because they feel something.

It's your feeling that buys. It's people's feeling that buys. And what comes from the heart activates the energy of the heart in others.

Your soul comes from your heart. You see, people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.

Did you care about the information in the book and what it will do for people? These are vital questions not to neglect.

Did you care? This is the soul of your book. If your book has a soul, then you won't give birth to it and then not nourish it. You won't put it aside and go start writing another one and do the same with it.

Listen, books are archetypes.

They have their own feelings. They want to step out there and move life inside people and make people see beauty in themselves and in reality in anyway they could.

Your book is listening to you. It's not just a thing. It's not dead matter. It's made of living words. It has energy.

Would you attach your name to something that is not good? Of course you won't.

So, if you attached your name to your book it means you judged it good because of how it will serve people.

Since you believe it is good, then you have to talk about it. Your book needs your voice to breathe life into people.

Your book needs your presence. And when people listen to you the mother or the father of the book, they can feel the soul of the book coming out of your mouth and they will buy.

You can even write about the book. You can share it with strangers you meet. The book must be like a child that brings you so much joy that you want everyone to hear about.

But you can only do this if the book has a connection or a relationship with your soul or your heart energy.

You must have an intimate relationship with the book for the energy of the book to go inside people and cause them to buy.

Your book is the mirror of your soul. From the cover to the writing the book is reflecting what you believe about yourself and the type of person you are.

#3 Selling the book (part one). Before the book is even written, you should already know who you are writing to and for.

  1. What are they dealing with?

  2. What are they looking for?

  3. What are their daily struggles?

  4. How could you help them?

The answers to these questions should be the background inspiration of your book.

As you write from these answers, you are already getting on the same wavelength with your clients telepathically through the electromagnetic field of space.

You are already connected to them at the subconscious level and they already know that a child (book) is about to be birthed into the world and it's going to heal their wounds or help them solve their problems.

They could perceive the intuitive star of your book in the sky of their mind coming into the world. So, they have been waiting for the book on the unconscious plane.

Have you heard about ideas of books flying from one author's mind to another? This happened to the lady who wrote Eat, Pray, and Love when she was preparing to write another book.

The idea of the book left her mind and went to her friend's mind when they hugged with stunning accuracy. Books are given to us from a realm beyond the body.

So, once a book is written and published, the customers were already prepared to buy energetically. Now, how do you find them?

Selling the book (part two). The title of the book has to often be in alignment with the service or the products you sell to people.

For example: If you teach about self-confidence, it's best that your book is about self-confidence.

Now, it's wise to start a blog to also teach people about self-confidence. A free blog so people get to try what they will buy: the book.

It's important to start videos or podcasts about self-confidence and start touching the heart of people, preparing the way for the book. This is your John the Baptist mission preparing the way for Christ.

It's important to start telling people watching your videos, reading your blogs, listening to your podcast about the coming of the book so they can feel it more coming and prepare for it.

It's important to have events, especially physical events in the context of the title and the value of the book.

As you can see, the book needs a crib where people could see its values. You prepare the crib before the birth of the child.

The energy of the book should be out there way before you publish it. It's important to give away free copies and ask for honest reviews and collect those reviews and share them with others.

Invite the people who read and review the book to come on a show with you or on a podcast with you so people hear about the book from others. WHY? Because the moment they read the book and use it, it has become part of their souls as well.


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