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How To Make Money Using Group Investment


To keep things simple: To invest is to plant a "seed" with the intention to reap a harvest.


There are two categories of seeds you can invest: Material and Non-Material.

The material seed could be money, a property, or anything of physical nature that you own or you are entitled to.

The Non-Material seed could be your ideas, your talents, your gifts, your skill, your knowledge, and your TIME which is your LIFE.


Your harvest cannot be 100% secured. This is what makes investment a risk. Because not everything could be predictable in life.

This is why investment is done by the bold and the courageous. And this is why an investment is sometimes more intuitively accurate than what your logical mind could perceive.

The market can crash anything. Buyers can stop buying anything. The algorithms can change anything. An economic crisis can hit anything.

The opposite is also true.

Buyers can increase beyond your expectations. The algorithms can work in your favor anytime. The economy could become a leverage to your investment anytime.


The harvest is what you call a return on investment or ROI for short. The truth is something is always returning.

The question is can you see it?

Most people miss the return on their investment because they expect it to come in a predictable way.

So they limit their ability to explore the multidimensional nature of their ROI. When the harvest does not look like the way they expected it they call it a loss or failure.

But guess what? Those who can see beyond the idea of loss and failure, find a great treasure in that unexpected "negative" return to make the greatest turn around in the history of mankind.

The truth is that a seed is never lost.

Loss is an illusion.

A seed is always returning in different forms.

This is the doing of life and cosmic forces that interact with our reality beyond our logical mind.

So, is there a way to guarantee a harvest or a return? YES. By creating a system. And that system is called a network or a group effort.

How then do you make money using group investment?

By creating a network.

But keep in mind that people can be together without being a network.

BUT, if the network is well built and structured as a working system, every single person in that network will have a harvest.

Now let's learn the science of creating a network.

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