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Next Level #2: What Can Stop Success


What is stopping people from becoming successful is the fact that they believe that success only means to make money. That’s a huge mistake and a very dangerous limiting belief.

It’s the salesperson's you formed inside your brain job to materialize the mind into money. But it’s the work of the entrepreneur to materialize the mind into a physical experience such as a product or a service. If both are able to do that, then both are successful and you will acquire wealth.


Wealth is a physical evidence of accumulated successes that one experiences as an abundance of health, abundance of happiness, abundance of good friends and good people, and an abundance of money to buy wonderful experiences.

This wealth is created by the entrepreneur inside your brain and the salesperson inside your brain. If you have both working together inside your brain and mind, then you have two minds inside your brain working together to accomplish a double layer of success.

People often ask: Why am I not making any money?

You are not making money because you don't have inside your brain the entrepreneur and the salesperson working together to turn their minds into a product, a service, and money.

HOW IS THAT? But because you are using only one mind or a specific mind instead of both. Most people ONLY USE the portion of the mind that is the entrepreneur.

So they keep on creating, creating, creating, and creating. But there is no money. They are using only the entrepreneur-mind. Its job is to create. That's the only success they can experience: Turn ideas into contents, websites, products, and services.

When they are done, they go back and do it again--going back to do the same thing again, changing it, redo it, adjust it, and keep on creating and re-creating. But no money.


Have you understood the lesson? If YES, then share below in your own words what you have understood and how the lesson has impacted you.

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