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Next Level #3: See The Pattern

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

SEE THE PATTERN If the mind of a writer is all you have, then your success is to materialize the mind of the writer into a book, or an article, or a poem, or a sales copy, or a movie script—whatever concerns writing.

But being a writer is one thing or a portion of the mind that writes. Being a salesperson is another thing or another portion of the mind that sales. Believing that you are not making money has something to do with you not being a good writer is an absolute BS (Bad Sense) of reality. But this is the pattern most people fall inside. Can you see it.


You have to be able to sense reality according to the science of the mind.

Give your writing to the salesperson inside your brain and he or she will change it into a sales copy or an Ad copy and sell it like crazy. He or she may even turn your writing into something completely different to make money for you.

PAY ATTENTION HERE: You are I AM, the awareness and the king or queen inside your body which is your kingdom. BUT you have to hire many people to work for you inside your kingdom.


If you build a salesperson inside your brain you have just hired a salesperson inside your kingdom or your body. If you build an artist inside your brain you have just hired an artist inside your kingdom or your body. Have them work together for you.

If you build inside your brain an accountant, then you have just hired someone to manage the money of your kingdom for you.

So, don’t go around saying you are not successful because you have not yet made any money.

You have been successful this whole time in many other levels of success through what you have created and made visible.

There are many levels of success. You just happen to experience only one level because you have hired only one quality of the mind in your kingdom; the one that creates and creates and creates. That's the entrepreneur. He or she is not necessarily the money-maker.


To complete this level, share below in your own words (YOUR OWN WORDS) what you have understood and how the lesson has impacted you.

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