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Next Level #4: Your Success Is Real


By taking an idea and turning it into a physical reality like a course or a video or a podcast, that is success big deal. It's real. But because you did not know what success means you thought you were a failure.

Now, you want to make money? All you needed is to hire another worker to work for your kingdom by hiring him or her inside your brain through the repeating of the right information that gives it form or existence.

Some people are not able to celebrate themselves in the success they have achieved because they are waiting for the one layer of success the world has engraved inside their brain: They are waiting to make money because they call themselves a success.


In this wisdom tank, you are going to learn to make money even with zero website, zero products, and zero service. Listen, this is called making bricks with no straws in the Bible in the story of the Israelites and the pharaoh of Egypt.

Do you know that salespeople are able to sell nothing? Oh yes. They have no products of their own. You know one great example that is very rich in this world. His name is Jeff Bezos.

He started by selling books that he never wrote. He has zero products. The products (BOOKS) were not his. But he knew what success means. So, he created inside his brain or hired in his kingdom a salesperson. He has developed a portion of his mind to become a salesperson.


In your group there are people who already have products and services. But you are not seeing the power to turn their products and services into money for yourself. WHY?

Because again you have been told about one level of success which is to create, create, create, and create contents, products, and services as if these are more important than the money.

YES, they are both equality important--maybe the money more. The money can feed your family and help you do way more things. You need a salesperson inside your kingdom unless money is not what you want.

If money is what you want to live a meaningful, peaceful, charitable, and impactful life, then you have to explore your possibilities that are right in front of you like Jeff Bezos did. But to see these possibilities you need the mind of a salesperson.


Many people in this world are sitting next to their well but are thirsty because they have wired limiting beliefs inside their brain.


Now, here is the shocking truth. Failure is also a success. To fail is to succeed at materializing the wrong quality of the mind into the screen of time and space called the three dimensional world; the physical world.

If you use the mind of a writer trying to sell your book and you fail, well, that’s a success. You turn the wrong quality of the mind into a physical reality or experience which is the failure to sell your book.

And since all success must be celebrated, you should celebrate your failure. Why? Because you have learned a huge lesson about not using the wrong quality of the mind for the right desire.

The right desire is to make money. But using the mind that is not of the salesperson to make the money is totally the wrong move.


Have you understood the lesson? If YES, then share below in your own words what you have understood and how the lesson has impacted you.

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Khalia Dade
Khalia Dade
Jan 28, 2023

Celebration is a success it itself because you have learned the lesson of not using the wrong quality of the mind for the right desire. Nevertheless, you have still materialised this portion of the mind, which is success. There is a well of wealth waiting to be accessed, all we have to do is eradicate our limiting beliefs.


Remember that money is not the only type of success. Remember to celebrate your many successes in the world that you have already completed, and those that you are in the midst of completing. I need to adopt my salesperson personality to help me develop wealth immediately. There is no such thing as failure, because there is only success, even if that success is learning something new.


Celebrating the sales person in me, I choose to listen to my 2023 auric wiring prayer to remind and grow the sales person in me, who is actively magnetizing financial inflow!


Joseph Desince
Joseph Desince
Jan 20, 2023

Failure and success are two halves of the same coin and should be treated equally. If you failed you should treat it as success and celebrate because you have had success in materializing the wrong quality of mind into the physical reality.

I should celebrate all forms of success, positive or negative.


There is no such thing as failure because even failure can be used as a useful tool. Once I plug into the sales persons mind that is within me, I can do and have access to the financial means that I desire because it is the salesperson that covert the feeling into money.

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