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Next Level #5: The Observation Question


Why do you think some movies make more money than others? Try to answer from your own observation.

It’s simple. They scripts are written by salespeople working with the crew. A salesperson’s mind study the public behavior and knows what people love to see and like to feel.

After the movie “A Star Is Born” had its success, people started to literally believe that lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper should become husband and wife in real life.

Lady Gaga was later on interviewed about the matter and she said to the audience, “Guys, you are feeling that way because that’s what THEY want you to see and feel.” THIS IS A GREAT TRUTH revealed.

Who is THEY? The minds that sell.

In days following that same movie, guess what: THEY planned concert show where Gaga and Bradley get to sing together and the room was packed to the brim. That was salespeople’s ideas. Brilliant!


Listen, there are greater writers, greater singers, and greater speakers, and greater artists in this world that we may never know and that may even die without us experiencing their works. You know why? Because they have no salesman or saleswoman in them or they think financial success is a question of chance.

This is the way out of the misery: If there is a mind you need that is not in you, find it in another person . Jeff Bezos did not use his own books. Why can't you start using some else’s skill, products, and services, to make money on a weekly basis--unless money is not what you want?

The moment you see this possibility, you should start focusing on the wisdom we will soon dispatch to wire your salesman or your saleswoman inside your brain.


We see coaches all the time wanting to make videos that will go viral. And all we see in the video is them performing as a coach.

Then all they get is likes and views. Not money.

They are often surprised the video did not lead to a single sale and they get discouraged.

But that makes sense.

The video was not scripted by a salesperson.

A true salesperson does not sell you anything upfront. You will soon learn that. Salesmanship is a beautiful art based on caring for others and nourishing a relationship to build trust.


Some of the coaches often say they just like to flow without a script. What they forget is that whoever is saying that inside their brain is the coach and the speaker--not the salesperson. This is a big mistake. HOW?

Because the salesperson will never say that. He or she knows that a script is a serious communication device not to just let happen randomly. It must be an intentional art well thought through and through.


Have you understood the lesson? If YES, then share below in your own words what you have understood and how the lesson has impacted you.

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