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Next Level #6: The Accidental Sales


There are some sales that happen accidentally. When they happen, you will often think you are doing the right thing and that you don't need to learn about sales. Then before you know it, money runs out.

What most people need is to have a salesperson design the script that is supposed to become money for them. REMEMBER? If you don't have the worker in your own kingdom, hire it from another person's kingdom.

But most people are limited in their beliefs to see that.

YOUR AUDIENCE The world has two major audiences out there: Those who just want to be entertained and those who want to invest in themselves.

Only the salesperson inside your brain or someone else’s brain could reach the second audience: those who want to invest in themselves.


Are you now getting enlightened? If you don’t have the financial capital to buy the mind of a salesperson in someone else, then you have to build one inside your own brain.


“The reason I move fast with my business “ is because I built inside my brain the speaker, the coach, the web and graphic designer, the audio visual expert, the photographer, the marketer, and the salesman.” Alain Dagba.

Yet this is the long way. I took this route because I did not have the financial capital to buy all the other minds to move my business forward. Are you paying attention?

So if you don’t have the minds you need to move forward inside your brain, and on top of that you refuse to buy these minds from others trying to use wrong qualities of the mind to accomplish what they are not designed for, you are harming yourself with ignorance big time.


Have you understood the lesson? If YES, then share below in your own words what you have understood and how the lesson has impacted you.

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