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STEP 3: Everything Can Be Learned Through Repetition

Updated: Dec 4, 2022


By repeatedly learning to play piano you will become a piano player. By repeatedly learning to paint you will become a painter.

By repeatedly learning to sing you will become a singer.

By repeatedly learning to lie you will become a liar.

By repeatedly learning to fly you will become a pilot.

By repeatedly learning to love you will become a loving person.

Here is the secret: To learn is to alter your thinking pattern and brain with repeated information. And repeated information makes you become the person you wish to be.

To think like a musician is to be one. To think like a painter is to be one. To think like a liar is to be one.

To think like a loving person is to be one. To think like a pilot is to be one. By learning to think like a millionaire you become and are one.

To think like a millionaire you must repeatedly input information in your mind to alter your thinking and your brain to process reality like a millionaire.

What you refuse to repeatedly learn you refuse to become. And what you refuse to become you deny yourself.


If you decide who you want to be, then decide also to think like the person you want to be, then consume repeatedly the information that will alter your thinking and brain to become such a person.


Have you understood the lesson? If YES, then share below in your own words what you have understood and how the lesson has impacted you.

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