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STEP 7: The WHAT does not matter.

Updated: Dec 6, 2022


The common belief is that you need to be an established business knowing WHAT you are selling before you start making sales.

It's a pure lie.

It's a totally false idea to keep you stagnant and not moving forward and toward your financial freedom. We have the shocking truth for you. Are you ready?

What they call multiple streams of income has nothing to do with owning multiple businesses. You know what the truth is?

A multiple stream of income is multiple personalities capable of showing people something or someone that can help them with any issue they have in life.

If you build a carpenter in your brain, that carpenter is a stream of income. If you build a writer in your brain, the writer inside your brain is another stream of income. Now you have two.

Each personality is a stream of income. And now if you combine all your streams of income or personalities with the salesperson personality, you can stream the income.

In other words, each personality is a stream of income. The salesperson personality is the streamer of the income.

Here is the secret: With a Zero website, with a Zero established business, you can make money ANYTIME.


They told you to do what you love right? Guess what? You are supposed to love what you do by finding love in what will serve people.

If chairs and tables will serve a certain population to live better, if you really love to see them live better, you can build a carpenter in your brain to make chairs and tables.

If fresh foods will help a certain population decrease children's death due to poor foods production, and if you love to see those children live, you will learn how to grow fresh vegetables by implanting a farmer inside your brain.

You know what this is called: Finding love.

If you find love in what you do, your passion for doing it repeatedly and seeing how much help is giving to people will generate overtime the doing of what you love.

Most people have been convinced to do what they love. So, if they move in an area where what they do is not needed, their stream of income immediately shuts down.

WHY? Because they have only ONE stream of income or personality which they are attached to because it owns them, and they are not willing to allow their brain to implant a new stream of income.

YET, they are designed to become whatever they wish which is the true and real meaning of abundance. It's about you being unlimited possibility.

This is the meaning of "I can do all things (I can become anything) through Christ (pure divine awareness) who strengths me (gives me the passion to do it."


So, if right now you are thinking, "I don't have an established business to sell anything", we have news for you: Whatever you have is enough. You don't even need to perfect it.

Simply keep on following the STEPS we are showing you in this wisdom tank and you will be amazed at what you can sell even before you have a business name.

Think about it: How many people have everything you could think of well established in their business but are making $0.00? Many, right?

How many people know exactly what they love doing and can do it so well but are making, again, $0.00? Many, right?

So, what does that tell you?


Have you understood the lesson? If YES, then share below in your own words what you have understood and how the lesson has impacted you.

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