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The $1 Million Dollar Challenge - Welcome Message


The Principle, the weird phenomenon, the Rules, & The tools.


Our purpose is to become the shameless, happiest, healthiest, and wealthiest people who are making positive impact on the world. Why not. Why not us? Why not you? If not now, when?


Success comes faster when we are happy, healthy, supported and supportive, and when we feel like we belong and we are surrounded by people who want the best for us. So, be aware that The RULES below have been carved based on this principle.


You are going to see a miracle happen in your life when you put these rules into action. Some of you will begin to discover the greatest secret of life which is this: "there is more blessing in giving than receiving." Christ Jesus

You are going to notice that most of your challenges come from your energy not moving outward enough to serve others get to where they want to be in life. It’s a weird cosmic phenomenon that cannot be explained intellectually.

You start noticing your own gifts and abilities awakened by helping someone get to where they want to be in any small way you can—even though you have not yet gotten their yourself. It’s a weird phenomenon.

You start helping someone, and ideas start coming to you to help yourself, then someone comes along to want to do the same thing for you. Ask yourself: In what way right now are you consistently helping someone achieve their dreams? This is the secret.

This decentralizes your energy and frees up your channel of inspiration in the most amazing, powerful, and magnetic way. It also increases your self-confidence and eliminates addictions, distractions, and doubt.

And once you begin to do that, to seriously take small actions or big actions to help someone manifest their dream while working on yours, your mental and emotional wellness as well as material success will start manifesting in you and through you.

This is our secret. This is why we never stop giving, seeking for ways to help people and make their dreams come true. The phenomenon is crazily weird.


Being placed in a winning environment is power. It affects your DNA and changes your biochemical reactions toward the way you see life.

You are going to notice that as you begin to witness people winning and you all are celebrating each other, your level of money attraction through service and sales will start manifesting in a crazy way.

This weird phenomenon is used to produce millionaires in network marketing systems all over the planet. This phenomenon is going to shock you. It works miracles, unless you push it away with jealousy.

What you celebrate becomes part of your attraction point. If you want the same thing someone got, why repel it with jealousy. If it shows up in your universe, it means it's closer to you. When you celebrate it, you are next in line to get it.

If Jealousy shows up, it means in your DNA there is a program that is against the very thing you want. So, it's repelling it.


  • RULE#0

Allow your mind to see everything as fun. So, Any part of the rules that will sound tough was done so intentionally to add some spices and a kick of “danger” and thrill to the challenge.

So, play along with it

  • RULE#1

If a group comes together as a team to help one of their members complete a project or activate their talents or gifts and turn them into a published book/eBook, a testimonial that could inspire the world with hope, or a course, they earn 100 points which will be converted into $500 on their account.

  • RULE#2

If a group leaves a team member behind which means this person is going through a tough time, feeling lonely, disempowered therefore becomes inactive and discouraged, and can’t pursue his or her dream to make personal income, the group loses $500 on their account for leaving that person behind

  • RULE#3

The group that will be meeting once a week anyway they choose to, to total their income, celebrate wins, encourage each other, pray together, meditate, and uplift each other, even have their own incentive system to make all the members feel great and capable, once that is reported, they will earn 200 points which will be converted into $1000 on their account.

  • RULE#4

Each group must have their group name and appoint a leader and an assistant leader in charge of scheduling their meetings. If someone is struggling in the group, he or she can let the leadership know so the group comes together to help that person spiritually, emotionally, and in any way they choose. Each group must have a success bootcamp police to make sure procrastination is not winning on any team member.

  • RULE#5

Gossip and toxic assumptions kill the beauty of the soul. In your separate conversations praise each other, talk well about each other, and pray for each other. Avoid toxic assumptions and judgments. Speak well of each other in your own mind and heart. Because whatever you do to others your soul feels it and does to you.

  • RULE#6

All groups leaders report the total amount of money made by the group in the WhatsApp training chat at the end of every month starting end of January 2023. The leaders are also the guardians of the rules. Making sure these rules are followed.


Your earning from your job does not count.

It must be money from your self-employed business sales.

Any income from something you sold either from your home or from your business counts.

Even if you sold shoes, clothes, home goods, or second hands items all that counts towards your goal.

It has to be you who made the sale. Not someone else made it for you. It must be you who made the sale.

Donations or gift cards or money given don’t count. Only real sales.

Group Leaders report only the total they made together, not what people made individually.

  • RULE#8

Groups are allowed to plan physical or virtual events together and use the revenue as a group income and share the profits.

  • RULE#9

Each time all the members of a group complete a step in the wisdom tank and write their comments, they earn 100 points which converts to $500. So, make sure all team members leave their assignment comments. Every energy that works against wealth and abundance likes to hide. Watch for it.

  • RULE#10

Each group must have at least 6 recreational activities a year to be qualified at the end of the year as a winner. The recreational activities can consist of fun things they do together, games they play, sharing meals, travel together, or even watch movies together. Make sure you share your pictures in the comment boxes to show those great recreational moments.

  • RULE#11

The group that will come together to put money together to give to a noble cause, a charity, or any form of organization that is helping alleviate children’s suffering in the world will accumulate 400 points which will be converted to $2000 on their account. If they do any charitable activities in their community, they are entitled to the same amount of point and money.


All the tools, resources, links, multiple streams of income resources, apps, will be placed and sometimes hidden in the wisdom tank STEPS. They are made available to all the groups to explore to increase their income.

Each group member must follow the chronological study of the STEPS int he wisdom tank because they are the tools to win the challenge.

PS: We will meet with all the leaders of each group once a month via a regular phone call for 15 minutes to see how the groups are doing and verify the total points to be added.


Now, let’s PLAY! Each group member begins by commenting in the comment box of this message: LET’S PLAY!


We don't tell you where to start and how. Because that's where leaders are noticed and found. Each conversation about how you start and where you start should be done in the comment boxes provided.


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