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Before you start making money, you have to have discipline. Distractions will create holes in your bank account.

Success is a habit and millionaire definitely have one that makes millions. So, you must discipline your mind.

You can't expect to make millions by holding the same habits that kept you at the same level of income for years.

You can't expect to make an impact on the world by holding the same habits as they people who don't care about doing that and won't.

So, the sheet below will allow you to create a success habit before you begin to increase your income with discipline.

First you will create the habit and then follow through with the habit. The follow through part is the self-discipline.


PS: These are suggested examples only. You can create your own.

GOAL: The goal of this session is to help you set up four different 60 to 90 minutes time of activity on your calendar to enhance your self-discipline power for wealth creation, even if you don't have a product or a service.


Set a time to wake up to execute these habits daily

5 Minutes Breathing & Gratitude Prayer

15 Minutes Of Yoga or Physical Exercise

5 Minutes of Read your WHYs in front of the mirror

15 Minutes Book Reading (Book that supports your dream)

20 Minutes of creating the day through Spiritual Practice


TOTAL: 60 Minutes


Set a time aside to connect to your potential clients

It does not matter what you are selling, you must spend enough time to connect to your ideal clients or audience.

Who are you serving? What is their age group? What are they looking for? How are they struggling emotionally?

How not solving their problem is affecting their lives? How do you intend to help them?

What possible better future do you see for them? How would you speak to them in a way that it will move them to take action? You must create the layout before start creating the script.


TOTAL: 90 Minutes


Set a day aside weekly to create a communication with your audience

(The script could be a sales copy, a video script, a podcast, email marketing, newsletter, a press release, a blog, an eBook, a sales letter, a landing page, a sales page, a story, and so forth.) The writing or script must have enough value to lead people to something free or someone to buy.


TOTAL: 90 Minutes


Set a time aside to prepare and send your message out

So far you have a good morning routine. Your WHYs are strong inside you. You have spent time creating a communication layout with your potential clients.

Your heart is connected to theirs. You care. You are ready. You are on the same wavelength as them. You are feeling good and confident.

NOW, go over the script and revise typos and adjust ideas.

READY? Then send that email, or do that video and post it, or send out an Ad or take any action that will make what you have created move people to either get something for FREE, visit your website, book a call with you, or subscribe, or buy a product or a service.


TOTAL: 90 Minutes


To complete this session, make sure you have set on your calendar all the above 90 minutes. If you have, then post. LET'S GO in the comment.

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