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How To Make Money In Group Network

Updated: Mar 11, 2023


We personally prefer NEST-work to NET-work. A NET still has some holes. But in a NEST the holes are almost invisible.

When the people in the group are very close from the heart. nothing will be impossible to them.

You see, a network is built on the mind. But a nestwork is built on the heart. We came up with the concept of nestwork three years ago which started the Millionaires Club with a group of coaches and entrepreneurs.

What makes a nestwork is simple: People don't judge each other, they don't gossip against each other, they don't talk bad behind each other's back...

...they don't assume toxic things about each other, they don't compete against each other, and they look out for each other's best interest...

...and they communicate often. You know you are in a nestwork when people respond to your needs and your requests with speed and care. This is not a mastermind but a masterheart connection.

Not that they will not use their mind, but they will allow the caring heart they have for each other to direct the way they think about each other.

Now, this is what you call a power UNIT. This is a unit that is unstoppable.


To make money they can find a pre-existing network marketing system and study their compensation plan to the T.

Then they will organize and position each other in a way to make the network marketing system work for them.

Every network marketing has a foundation. The foundation is made of course of people also known as LEGS.

When a nestwork decide to use a pre-existing network marketing system to create wealth, they can build their foundation with their own UNIT and have each person in the UNIT expands into new people or legs.

The truth is the foundation will never be broken even if new people come and go. But their heart connection will often make the new people also wanting to become part of their group energy and stay.

Eventually, they will set in place the greatest business structure that will keep on generating a residual income for everyone.


Within a nestwork you must expect the simple fact that everyone is not going to make the same amount of money.

Some will make more than others. This is a very important mindset to have. It frees the people from irrational and non-founded assumptions.

What often makes people feel like everyone should be making the same fixed amount of money is the fact that they have been in the employees world for a long time and their money per hour were fixed.

As an entrepreneur your income fluctuates and you need to make peace with that. And you also need to know that some months you will make more and some other months not as much as the previous ones and vice versa.

YET, you must have a vision backed up with action to create a consistent residual income based on relationships.

A nestwork lasts because the relationship between the people who make up the nest is strong, umbreakable, and filled with love and care.

At one point the nestwork should feel like a family where people celebrate each other's success.

BUT, it takes time to build a nestwork. Because people come from different life's stories that make them see the world differently.


FIRST, the group must identity skills, gifts, talents, passions, and attributes. They should not yet try to see how these will benefit the group.

But they will simply identity everything that every single one of them is good at or has passion for.

And nothing should be neglected.

They should do this as a workshop and a fun activity.

We repeat:

They should not think how that is going to benefit the group.

SECOND, the leader of the group with his or her assistant leader(s) will create a database of reference where they classify people's names with what they have as gift, talents, passion, skill, attributes.

THIRD, the leader will help the group create a financial vision that will make everyone in the group become financially independent through their various businesses or investment outlets.

FOURTH, the group should organize itself into three departments for individuals success:

  1. Technical Works & Design

  2. Marketing

  3. Advertisement

IF they want to hire a professional to come and train the group, which is recommended, they can put money together to hire that professional and have a clear agenda about what it is that they want to achieve.



How a group could use comments on each other's posts to trigger the algorithms on social media to make the posts go viral to attract sales.


How a group could use LIVE events on social media to make each other known in their field of work by preparing the event in advance.


How a group can design a clothing brand with a potent message, wear the brand, promote the brand to their family and friends to make money from a single ecommerce platform and share the profit.


How a group can create a buzz online about a product or a service one of them has in order to generate sales; and repeat the process for each person in the group.


How a group can plan a party or a mingling event to simply have fun to attract new friends with the goal to eventually create a club where they get to help other people maximize their potential in life. Within the club they will make their products and services available to help new people find solutions to their challenges in life.


How a group can sign a contract with a group of professionals to take care of their graphic design works, marketing works, advertisement works for them based on a fixed contract based agreement.

Once they have a team to take care of these services, they can spend more time to bond, create content, plan events, and produce products and offer services.

At the end of each month they will collect money from each group member to pay the professional team in charge of all their technical works, graphic design work, marketing and advertisement.

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