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How To Make Money Through Events & Gatherings

Events are one of the most powerful and greatest way to create residual incomes.

Events are incredibly lucrative.

Here are a few tips to consider if you plan on making money using events or gatherings.


Never set your intention to attract supporters to your events. Once you start thinking "supporters" you are setting yourself up to fail.

Please, read this article to learn more about this concept of supporters.

There are two types of supporters we often desire. Default supporters and Genuine supporters.

Default supporters are people you convince yourself that because they are your friends, family members, and co-workers, church members, or you supported them before, they should automatically support you.

The expectation you set on default supporters will often lead to resentment and poor results.

Even if they support you once because they feel obligated, you can't have them support you all the time.

Default supporters cannot give you residual income. So, don't bet too much on them.

You will sooner or later notice something about the human behavior when it comes to business.

The more they are familiar with you, the more they will take longer to buy from you. Thus the truth, "A prophet is not believed in his own town" by Jesus Christ.

You should make peace with this part of the journey when it comes to default supporters if you are going to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Yes, we all love to be supported. But, the people you really want to attract are more than default supporters. Read TIP#2

Genuine supporters are the once who saw value in what you have as a product or a service and were impacted.

They are not supporting you because they want to do you a favor or meet your emotional craving for support.

They are supporting your work and honoring your gift. These are the ones you can count on.

And it's possible that a few default supporters become genuine supporters because you left them with the choice and have moved higher in your expectations about who you want to attract.


More than being supported, you want to make an impact. Once the impact is made, you will be supported but not from a place of a begging energy which often leads to disappointment when the "support" we seek does not occur.

As a result, you will fall into resentment towards to friends, family members, co-workers, or anyone you have thought should support you.

This resentment will pollute your energy and your calling and even discourage you from continuing with events planning.

In the idea of support we are subtly thinking about what we can take emotionally or materially.

You want to rise higher than that. You want to think what you can give and give potently.

Say to yourself, who can I impact? Whose life can I transform in a way that they will never forget?

Whose soul can I pour so much light into to the point they start glowing and start telling everyone.

OR to the point everyone start noticing their glow and asking them who they've met.

This is the highest form of energy that the universe will support as well as the angels.

Once you start asking yourself these questions, begin to create a list of what these people are dealing with and how you intend to help them.

Be very precise and clear about what their issue is and how your product or service could help them.

Once you complete this part, your heart energy will open up and be filled with compassion and love.

You have stepped on the same wavelength as your audience telepatically. Read the result of this by reading this article.


People buy what they try. It's more recommended to make your events FREE and make your sales when people come.

People buy from what they feel. If they have not tried, they have not felt, and if they have not felt, they cannot buy. WHY?

Because they don't yet know if they need the event or not. They are wondering if it's worth their time, because time is more valuable to them than money--at least subconsciously.


Before the free event, create packages of your services and your products to sell to your audience.

This will make you more money than anything. A good entrepreneur learns to work for FREE. And that's why he or she gets paid after the work.

This is why people have FREE consultations.

You work for free upfront and get paid on the back end because people felt something and they want more of it. This is extremely important to know.

Then, you want to take pictures with the people who came to the free events to build your profile of trust.

You want to take their testimonials to enhance that profile. Why? Because you are building a brand.

This is what most people don't realize: Making money from events is to build a brand or a lasting relationship with people who know you for delivering a particular result on a consistent basis.


Before the FREE event, make sure you choose the area wisely. What part of the globe or your state or your country people are interested in your type of product or services?

This is important for the beginners.

But once your brand is well known, you can choose to charge up front and choose any location because you have a network of people who are ready to go anywhere you go and consume what you create.

Building the network first is the power of the residual income that will keep on coming.

However, even people with a large network like Tony Robbins are still using the free event strategy.


Because it's the most effective way to give an opportunity to people to keep trying what you have.

Some people will need to try more than three times before they buy.

This is why most people have the money back guaranteed system in their campaign. So that people can try not feeling like they are risking wasting time and money.

So, three months before the event, make sure you begin to talk about the subject of the event through email campaigns, on social medias, and so forth to allow people to feel your energy and connect to you.

Videos are more recommended as well as podcasts. This is actually the real beginning of advertisement.

You will notice that Tony Robbins is still running Ads even though he has a large network. Why?

Because the human behavior has been studied by his campaign manager.

When people are not excited, they don't act and they don't move and they forget.

In a word, they don't prioritize.

Your face, your voice, your body movement, your emotional power move people more than simple texts and writings.

So, you are the event and the success of the event.

Your energy is what will take people there.

Once they feel your energy and you were able to touch their heart through many messages, they are connected.

Then you can go ahead and see the demographic that responded more to your emails or your social medias messages and plan the events close to their geographical areas.

BUT, chances are, if you have been investing in your free content and targeting people in your living area, your free event could potentially have results.

If you have been sharing your free content with even people who already know you, you will stir up their energy and excite them to come to your events not as default supporters but as genuine supporters.


Your earning is attached to people's yearning. People are yearning for happiness and connection.

So, make sure you include some fun in your campaign. Tell them wonderful things they should expect and make sure you deliver.

Things like connecting to likeminded people, make new friends, dance, comedy, laugher, foods and so on. You can decide.

But it has to be something that excites people and relating to life's greatest yearnings.

PS: If you need help about strategizing your event for success, let your group leader know or share in the comment box below.

Feel free to share how this training has impacted you in the comment below.

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